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It’s simple. CO.ALITION bags combine stylish modern design with integrated smart mobile tech. We give you brains and beauty by integrating smart power and a wireless hard-drive into elegant and functional lifestyle backpacks.



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What You’ve Always Wanted in an Everyday Backpack

Elegant and Functional urban backpack designs that can be customized into your ideal Smartpack. Integrated smart power to charge your devices quickly and a mobile wireless hard drive that works with smartphones and tablets so you’ll have a personal mobile workstation that goes everywhere you do.

The laptop backpack for the modern urban lifestyle

Whether you’re traveling the world or commuting across town, CO.ALITION bags serve as a functional travel backpack that keeps your devices charged when no outlets are near.
It’s a city backpack, it’s a school backpack, it’s a commuter backpack, it’s a phone charging backpack, but most of all, it’s a work backpack for everywhere you work and everything you need.
No need for an additional duffle bag to put your gym gear in. Separate compartments keep your gear and tech apart so you only need one everyday backpack for your everyday carry.
If you need an everyday backpack that doubles as a photo pack, you can charge your USB devices, upload your shots to the wireless mobile hard drive, and protect your photo gear with foam lined panels.
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