Casey here. Here is my every day bag spill... When the weather is cooperative, I generally ride my steed to work. This means I have to be able to carry everything I need for the day in my Federal. On days when I bring my frenchie, Monroe, or when I need to haul more, I'll drive my Jeep (until I can train my hound to ride on the tank of my Triumph, that is) but this is my typical EDC. Without further ado... (CLICK titles for product specific pages)


Current Song Playing: Enrique Iglesias - Duele El Corazon


-Canon 5D Mark II: This is my workhorse. It's heavy, it's bulgy, but it takes amazing photos. I'm not out selling my work (although I have dabbled in post-contemporary food newds), so for all intents and purposes, this thing is effing rad. I love the live view function and the video capabilites are shweet too. Yeah yeah, I know a lot of camera's on the market have live view and doobley doop, but this is my first dive into a "real" photographers camera, so back off, Chet. 


-Peak Design Capture Pro: This is the most functional, useful camera carrying option I have found. I can't tell you how many backpacking trips or days I've spent travelling where I'm trying to figure out where to stow or strap my snapper. It's either out of the way and hard to get to in a pinch or it dangles and slaps the crap out of you, causing intensive bruising of the epidermis. This little contraption solves both issues, making it easily accessible by attaching it to your shoulder strap (or belt if you wanna feel like a real gunslinger) and it secures it in it's rightful place.


-Triumph Scrambler Key: This isn't just any key. This key represents a whole hell of a lot more. This key represents freedom. And independence. And bravery. And anti-authoritarianism. This key unleashes years of pent up self-expression that has been halted by the mundane of modern society. Like Daenerys Targaryen, this key breaks chains. And if it needs to be explained to you any further, you will never understand.


-MVMT Chrono Watch: I'm a man, yes. I'm also a man who enjoys good style at a price that doesn't exceed my means. With that, I found MVMT, a direct-to-consumer watch company that is making waves in an archaic industry that thrives off of over-priced wrist clocks. Minimal, stylish and super trill.


-Native Eyewear Flatirons: I am from Colorado. I was born here. My mother and grandmother were born here. I call myself a native. I have no where else to call home, so people that have a problem with that can kick rocks. Native Eyewear is also from Colorado. They make awesome eyewear. Support local y'all.


-Bellroy Card Sleeve: Aside from a hamburger that I once ate in Amsterdam (that will forever go down as the best I've ever devoured) will I be so adamant about something in my whole life. Okay, maybe not. But this wallet is something else. If you can even call it a wallet. I've owned it for about 5 years now and it is seriously one of the best purchases I've ever made...actually it was given to me from the guys at Carryology, but I would totally buy this with my own money, it's THAT cool. It's as slim as post-fat Al Roker and as minimal as "Untitled (Yellow & Blue)" and doesn't come with snooty reviews like; "A glowing aurora of shimmering color and light, the present work confronts us as the summation of its creator’s deeply philosophical practice, wherein he staged some of the most moving, transcendent, and simply breathtaking unions between material and support ever realized in the grand tradition of oil paint on canvas.” ...excuse me while I go barf. It's two colors painted on a big canvas you pretentious turds. 


-Biltwell Bantam Gloves: Whether you're riding a motorcycle, a bull or just want to make a cool sound when you give the FedEx guy a high five, these gloves will do the job. Made mostly of leather and a quilted synthetic, these guys feature accordian baffles on the index and middle fingers so you can point at the pretty sceneries and flip off the cabbie that pulled out of an alley right in front of you, causing you to slam on the brakes and clean your pants later. 


 -Biltwell Gringo Full Face Helmet: I once saw David Beckham wearing this lid and from that point foward, I knew I had to have it. I mean, the dude is a dreamboat and if you disagree, I WILL fight you. He's got style, athleticism, smarts, business savvy, you name it. Have you ever seen him with his shirt off? Jeez. Anyway, this helmet will make you go from zero to hero real quick. It won't help you learn how to ride a motorcycle, but at least you'll look cool before you dump your bike in the DMV parking lot. (For added awesomeness, add Moto Visor)


-Camera Accessories: I learned quickly that running out of memory or battery when shooting the photos is a real buzz kill. Now, in my wiser years, I always have backup memory cards and batteries on hand. They're not sexy, but they are practical.


-Tokina 10-17 Fisheye: This lens was gifted to me by my beautiful wife, as I'm pretty sure she wanted pics of her to give her more of a Kardashian butt. And this lens will do just that. I love the zoom capability of this fisheye, as minimal as it is. Great for shooting the snowboardings and cool closeups of dog noses. 


-Stanley Classic Vacuum Pint: Stanley, like the Woolrich's and Cadillac's of the world, have lasted the ages and emerged from being known as our grandpa's brand. This particular one shown here has added value in it as I won this in a Beer Pong contest versus two French dudes. Jeff and I went into this thing thinking we had this in the bag. I mean, I've been to France a couple of times but I am no expert in the ways of their college partying. I do, however, know that we have had extensive training in this rigorous sport and we saw these guys as mere pawns in our friendly. After quickly getting worked into multiple double cups, we were against the wall, down 8 cups. We looked each other in the eyes and decided we had had enough. It was time to get to work. In a flash, as if someone from the heavens were looking over us and guiding our throwing hands, we mounted our comeback. Cup after cup we sank, until we had one left. As the shot left my fingers, time stood still, wide-eyed children watched in awe as the porcelain sphere floated through the atmosphere, ultimately finding it's final resting place in a splash of PBR. To the victor go the spoils. In this case, a Stanley cup. Warning: these suckers will keep hot, hot. As I took this photo, the coffee in this cup was still piping hot. Like, burn your lips hot. If you remember busting out the Stanley at snowy football games, bring back some of that nostalgia with one of these bad boys and you won't regret it. 


-iPhone 5S: Yeah, it's a phone. It's a bit outdated, but it hasn't died yet.



-CO.ALITION Federal PHD: Yeah, I co-founded this company. And yeah, I'm going to be biased. But that's not going to stop me from writing a thing or two about it. Honestly bros, this is my go-to pack. Day in and day out. Weekend trips. Flights. You name it. I usually take this thing with me. It's the perfect size for my frame and my needs, and let's be honest, it's sexy as hell. Mine is equipped with the optional Joey Energy power unit and Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive. These are a must for those regularly on the go who don't wanna look like a newb sitting against the wall charging their device. Aks somebody. (French bulldog and scarp tail not included)


-Skullcandy Aviator Headphones: If they're good enough for Jigga, they're good enough for me. I used to travel exclusively with earbuds, until I was on a flight home from Chicago and a small child in my row beat my eardrums into submission for two hours. Now it is nothing but noise cancellers for me. The sound on these are great but not too bass-y like Beats. The leather ear cups must be made from the most prized, supple cowhide known to man (probably from somewhere exotic like Montenegro or Turkmenistan). Sidenote: so rarely do I find a situation where I can use the word "supple" in everyday language, so I'll chalk that one up in the win column. 


-GoPro w/ LCD Backpack: I'm not into the unicorn look, but every now and then I'll bust out the GoPro for a different perspective on things, whether it's photo or video. At times, I'll strap it to my 2-year old and let her roam free for a few hours just to see what shenanigans she gets in to. 


-Moleskine & a good pen: These are mainly reserved for meetings, quick idea dumps and cat doodles. I still haven't fully adopted the idea of technology taking place of the tangible hand written jot. 


-SOG Sogzilla Knife: I guess it's the Colorado in me, but ever since I can remember I've had a trusty blade handy. Aside from having the capacity to disable a perp, this lil guy can operate a multitude of functions such as; cutting off annoying t-shirt threads, tightening sunglass screws, spreading shmear on a bagel, the possibilities are limitless. Just don't leave it in your Federal and try to go through airport security as it'll set you back about 20 bones to mail it to yourself. Doh!


-Sneerwell Flask: This particular flask is no longer available, but check out their goods regardless. A local duo from right here in Denver are creating cool, unique offerings to the world of hydration. I dig the battered and bruised style of their wares. Reminds me that life is tough. But if you take things slow, and if you're a good person, good things will come. My brother Donovan gave me this one and while it usually houses a bourbon or a rye, it has been known to play host to a single malt scotch or two. Sorry for partying. 


-iPad Mini: I usually try finding reasons to use this device, because as of now, it's main purposes are 1.) entertaining my daughter on a flight, 2.) connecting our Chromecast, 3.) entertaining my wife on a flight and 4.) looking cool in EDC flat lay photos. 


That is all.