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It’s simple. CO.ALITION bags combine stylish modern design with integrated smart mobile tech. We give you brains and beauty by integrating smart power and a wireless hard-drive into elegant and functional lifestyle backpacks.



A Day With The Compass Chronicles

Meet Francesca. Photographer, creative and half of the duo behind The Compass Chronicles; Denver based wanderlust-ers who were so passionate about traveling, meeting new people and living new experiences that they created their own portal to share that passion with the masses. We spent a day with Francesca and picked her brain about places she's been, how she gets there and her best travel practices and stories.Read More

Shark Tank Takeaways

We filmed for Shark Tank almost a year ago. Like with any product, some of the sharks were held up by one thing or another. We've had almost a year to think of some really great responses to some of the sharks hesitations about investing in our company. Here are some takeaways from our episode.Read More

94 Steps Of the Shark Tank Experience

With our Shark Tank episode re-airing on Friday, April 29th, we are reminded of just how long and sometimes tedious of a process it was to get on the show. We get asked all the time "So what was it like to be on Shark Tank?", to which we usually have the same lame-o response, "It was crazy." While this isn't the most in-depth, interactive response we can give, it definitely got (gets) tiresome answering the same thing over and over...but I guess that's what comes when you turn into big-time mega TV stars. So, here we give you the complete breakdown of what we went through, from start to finish, to get on the show.Read More

Shark Tank Responses

Since our time in "the Tank", we've been inundated with inquiries, questions, advice, "opportunities", proposals and the like. We've been sent prayers in religions we didn't know existed to paid nude modeling photo requests. Now, since we can't respond to every single thing that comes our way, we thought it best to lump these into the following categories, to hopefully save us some time...but probably not.Read More

CO.ALITION Goes Into The Shark Tank!

Casey Lorenzen and Jeff Popp, founders behind Denver-based backpack company CO.ALITION were recently selected to appear on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning reality show Shark Tank, hand-picked from a pool of over 50,000 business applicants. The duo pitched a stake in their high-tech backpack company to the Shark Tank cast that included Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. The episode will be broadcasted to an audience well over 8-9 million viewers on Friday, January 29 at 7 pm MST. For Denver locals, a viewing party has been organized in celebration with details below.Read More

Saigon Stop Motion

People often ask us where we manufacture. And while we'd love for nothing more than to be able to make our products in the U.S. it just isn't a viable option for us. We would be out of business before we began. With that said, we couldn't be happier with our factory and our team in Vietnam. It is always a trip we look forward to making as we grow to love the people, craziness and even the smells that Saigon has to offer. Here is a look at our most recent factory visit. This is about 3000 pictures compressed into 3 minutes. Thưởng thức! (Enjoy!)


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