Congratulations! You've decided on a COALITION smartpack (or you're deciding on one)! Either way, here's a quick run-through to help you know where to put your stuff, or to help you decide where you're going to put your stuff once you get one!

First things first. Your laptop. There is a dedicated "tech pocket" just for that. This soft lined sleeve fits up to a 17 inch MacBook (but is ideal for a 15 inch MacBook). Also, in this pocket is a stash for your tablet, e-reader or Wacom tablet. With ports to this pocket, you can easily charge your USB devices that are stored here. This pocket serves well to store documents you don't want in the main compartment and it also stores the integrated Seagate Wireless Plus Hard Drive!



Next up is the front stow pocket. Here you'll find dedicated pen slots, a zippered mesh pocket to keep smaller items and various sized slip pockets that store phones, tablets, wallets, pogs, Magic the Gathering cards or anything else you need to access quickly. This pocket is an ideal place to quickly route your phone cable for easy charging while you're on the go. It also hosts a web loop at the top you can hang the keys to your Bugatti from.



Included in the Colfax (different design in the Federal) you have an exterior access point to the coated mesh pocket that can also be accessed from the interior. This pocket is great for water bottles or other spillable items that you don't want gooing up the rest of your gear. Items like Gak, Silly Putty, dino fruit snacks, KY jelly, etc. 



Again, a feature found on the Colfax, are the magnetic slide buckles. These things are rad. They are simple to operate for the knowledgeable, owner of the pack, but harder for thieves, pick-pockets and gypsy train riders who cause a commotion by dumping their child in your arms without notice while their cohort quickly rummages through your satchel for value items. Really could have used those buckles in that scenario. 



Inside the flap of the Colfax, you'll find a zippered mesh pocket with several small compartments for easy access items such as business cards, earbuds, tater tots or really any other bite sized morsel you'd like to indulge on later in the day. 



Next comes the meat of the pack. The main compartment. This is where you come in. Really, this compartment is your oyster. Do with it what you will. With a large upside down "U" zip, access to this guy is unmatched. It opens up completely, suitcase style, for your convenience. Cause that's what we care about. You. Put whatever you want in this compartment (within reason). We don't want to get sued cause we told you to load the thing up with M-80's and throw it into the bonfire, setting off a chain of events that ultimately lead to your 7-year old cousin Wyatt (or some other super popular kids name right now) losing an eye. 



Welp. That's pretty much it. We'll leave you with some parting shots of Monroe the wonder-frenchie leading the charge. Good day.