Recently, I had the chance to catch up with Venus Tong, New York based professional photographer and Production Artist for The New York Times. Venus, who by the way, is crushing it at this lifestyle photography game, specializes in super clean, perfectly curated lifestyle photos centered around life in the Big Apple. She's been rocking CO.ALITION packs for a minute now and has some things she'd like to say.



C: What originally got you interested in photography?

V: I started shooting at a very young age. My love for photography started when I was 16. It started from shooting for my friend's band to music & social events. I love how photography enables me to be able to capture a moment in time. 


C: You have a very pristine aesthetic to your photography. What is the most challenging part of shooting in that style?

V: Getting the light right. Light is very important. I love shooting with natural light vs artificial light. There is a feel that you just can't re-create with that. 



C: What is your favorite subject to shoot?

V: My favorite subject to photograph is still life. I love doing coffee photos + outfit flatlays. I love incorporating food & still life together. 


C: When you’re not out taking rad photos, where can you be found?

V: Out and about exploring NY. I could easily spend the afternoon in Chelsea or at a museum. I love to eat & trying out new places in Chinatown & Flushing. I love love love chinese food. 



C: You’ve been using CO.ALITION packs for a while now, how have they helped you in your day to day life?

V: They allow me to keep all of my gear organized, charged and ready to go at a moments notice so that I never have to miss a great shot. I get a lot of compliments on how the bag looks! 


C: Living in New York can be hectic. How do CO.ALITION packs suit this sort of lifestyle?

V: It's a very sleek bag which lends itself to New York life. It's also eliminated the need for downtime due to the built in charger which I love. I like how it's connected to the backpack & all I have to do is plug in one cord to charge the bag. 


C: What do you like most about CO.ALITION packs opposed to other packs you’ve used in the past?

V: Other backpacks that I've used were often too bulky & disorganized. I like how there are many compartments in my CO.ALITION bag. It helps to arrange all my tools neatly so i know where everything is at all times. I also love how it's waterproof. It keeps my gear out of the repair store! 


C: What’s in the pipeline for you? Any cool projects coming up?

V: I'm currently shooting for some beverage brands & restaurants.




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