1. Found out about last minute casting call via text from our friend Mikey the day they were in Denver auditioning

<---- Mikey

2. Print 50 pages of application

3. Fill out applications insanely fast

4. Rush to auditions

5. Find a crowd of thousands of people waiting to audition

6. Want to leave but we filled out those damn apps so we’re toughing it out!

7. 2nd to last guys through the door

8. Short-pitch us and our biz to a producer, she asked questions, we answered

9. Get a call several weeks later that they’re moving us to the next round

10. Submit a video interview and answer more questions

11. Somehow luck out and keep getting moved forward for (what seemed to be) another 5 rounds of questions and stuff

12. Get the word that we made it to the final stage

13. Fill out another 50 pages of legal contracts to appear on the show but are informed we still might not hear back from them and could be cut

14. Didn’t hear back within when they said we would, moved on

15. Got a call from the producer telling us they don’t usually call but they love our products and want us to have a bit more history of sales before we go on the show since CO.ALITION was so new. Told us to follow up in Spring 2015 and he’d push us through to the front to film for season 7

16. Decide to follow up again, producers push us through and send a new 50 page legal contract

17. Read better this time, sign and are now committed to film in LA but not sure when

18. Do some other random stuff they had us do but don’t remember over the summer

19. Get a call from producers telling us we’re filming in 2 weeks and they’ll be sending us our plane tickets soon

20. Refine our pitch, refine again and then refine once more

21. Force our summer interns to sit and listen to our pitch at least a hundred times

22. Fly to LA

23. Get shuttled around in a large black van

24. Meet other contestants, but are told not to talk about the show, our pitch, or our ask

25. Go to the Sony studios for the 1st day

26. Sit through 2 hour long legal rambling from lawyers

27. Built our stage setup with the crew

28. Pre-pitch to room full of 40 people, including the producers who could still cut us at this point

29. Tour the actual set

30. Run into Daymond and he stops the group for a chat. He smells nice and is immaculately manicured.

31. Director goes through the day-of-filming motions, where to stand, where not to trip

32. Shuttled to hotel

33. Took an Uber to Venice and practiced our pitch to the driver

34. Practiced our pitch on the Venice boardwalk and the beach about 100 times

35. Back to hotel. Practiced pitch more

36. Day 2- We were finally approved to pitch the sharks

37. Hair and makup

38. Sitting in dressing room, more practicing

39. Occasional drop in by producers to grill us on questions

40. Day passes by and they were behind so they didn’t have time to film our segment

41. They push back and re-book our flights home

42. Back to hotel, more practice

43. Day 3- We’re finally (supposedly) gonna get chucked in the tank for real this time

44. Hair and makeup again (like we need it)

45. Discuss Game of Thrones theories with the wonderful cosmetics ladies

46. Back to dressing room for more practice

47. Minutes before we’re called up a contestant comes back to the dressing rooms crying hysterically, safe to assume the sharks ate her up. Pretty intimidating since we’re about to go on.

48. Finally get the call

49. Shuttled in golf cart to the filming studio

50. Practice pitch to our producing team in an alley outside the studio. Practically yelling our pitch.

51. Escorted to the “pre-pre dressing room”.

52. More practice

53. After about 30 min. they move us up to the “on deck” dressing room

54. Final practice to our producing team

55. Audio crew comes in to mic us up, they leave and we go back to saying the usual ridiculous and inappropriate things we usually do and realize the entire crew can hear us because we’re mic’d up

56. Game time…sort of

57. Dragged from our final dressing room to the big stage

58. Before we actually film we go into the tank to inspect our setup (As we walked through the doors, Mr. Wonderful was standing up dancing to the music in the background as the crew worked to change sets. He was actually pretty wonderful and has some decent moves)

59. Once we approve the set they take us back down the hallway and close the doors

60. Hair and makeup ladies swarm us doing last minute touch ups and fiddling with our hair

61. Now it’s game time for real

62. With packs on, the producers line us up behind the doors and give us a 2 minute warning

63. The most nerve-racking 2 minutes of the whole experience, if not ever

64. They start counting down from 10 seconds until the doors open

65. Shit pants

66. Doors swing open, camera man follows us down the hall and we have to try and not look (too) stupid or trip

67. Second set of doors to the sharks opens and just like that our nerves disappear…we’re finally here

68. Stand in silence for 2 min. (eternity) while we stare at the sharks staring at us in silence while the camera guys get establishing shots

69. Hear a voice from backstage yell, “BEGIN!”

70. Start the pitch

71. Black out a little

72. Have a couple laughs, hit on Laurie (in our minds)

73. Wheel and deal with billionaires

74. Listen to Daymond tell us how we are the next wave of great entrepreneurs and how someday we will be in his seat. Pretty cool.

75. Finish and walk back down the hallway

76. Hear Mark say “I like those guys. They’re hustlers.”

77. Immediately swept away in a golf cart to a different studio for our post interview

78. Golf cart back to our dressing room

79. Interview with a therapist…seriously, it’s required

80. Once they’re certain we’re not going to cut ourselves, we’re shoved back in the van and taken straight to the airport

81. Scratch that. We had them drop us off at In-N-Out cause we’re fat

82. Uber to airport, sat and stared blankly out the window without saying a word to each-other as we were completely drained

83. Back to Denver

84. Wait 6 months until they contact us to let us know our episode is airing 2 weeks before it airs

85. Scramble to prepare our website for the oncoming wave of shark traffic

86. Organize a viewing party at a bar to get drunk and celebrate with our family and friends

87. See our ugly faces on National TV which is super weird because we hadn’t seen the episode ourselves so we were seeing it live with everyone else

88. Realize 10 million people just saw our product!

89. Website crashes twice, even with all the prep

90. Go into e-mail and customer service over-load

91. Internet creeps try to get nudie pics of us

92. Ship out lots of backpacks

93. Get asked about questions 1-92 almost daily

94. Move on.