In response to:

Friends and Family

You top this list. You are the most important people on this list. You are the reason we have achieved any success that we have. We love you and thank you for your continued support. To our moms, grandmas, aunts and sisters who were "worried sick" for us, know that we are fine. We came out of the tank with a great experience and a ton of exposure to our brand. In the long run, it will be for the best that we didn't come to a deal with one of the sharks. 


Shark Tank Cast

Thank you for the opportunity to pitch our business to you. We know that we have some work to do on our business to reach the desired level you seek out of your investments. At the same time, we wish we would have had the opportunity to show you our outdoor pack brand, MHM. But that's not the way the tank works. Had you seen it, you would have realized right away that it is a completely different product, with a different target demographic, different uses, different aesthetic, different features, etc. We would have been "ridiculous" to have lumped CO.ALITION under the MHM brand. Speaking of ridiculous, Mr. Wonderful, you were actually quite pleasant and way nicer to us than portrayed in the episode or than we expected you to be. Robert, if your son needs a pack, let us know, we'll give you the Shark Tank Non-Investor special of full retail. Lauri, you are lovely. And don't worry, we will be making women's styles soon enough. Mark, go Nuggets! Daymond, too bad you listened to your gut and not your heart. Because you won't find entrepreneurs who have more passion and determination behind their project than us. Thank you for your comments to us that didn't make the show about how we are the next generation of great entrepreneur. Or how we are the face of the millenial. Or how we will be the ones sitting in your seat someday. But that wouldn't have fit the dramatic theme of the episode. On a final thought, we're hoping you've broadened your vision and realize that patents aren't always the best use of limited resources for a small company like us. We'd rather keep moving forward, confident in our ability to keep innovating, not wasting precious resources patenting stuff that won't stop immitators anyways. We weren't selling you on some patent/gizmo/thing-a-ma-bob invention, we were offering you a partnership with a premium bag brand brand that's pioneerering a new market for wearable tech- smartpacks! We believe you guys really missed the grand product vision and emerging market opportunity on this one but we still love you guys and wish all the best to you.


Shark Tank Editors

We get it. You have a job to do. Drama, drama, drama! "Wait, we should insert another super-zoom close up of his concerned face here. That's what this episode needs!" It's just funny cause in our opinion, the shooting was not nearly as dramatic as it played out on TV for the masses. We're all for the dramatic effect, it just would have been nice to have seen the various points throughout the conversation where we disputed and negated some of the sharks points. Or the part where Cuban said "Those guys are hustlers. I like em." Oh well, tomato, tomahto. 


Word has it that you'll "try" to rip us off. Such is life. Good luck turning that into a viable business. Pumping out cheap knock-offs to to street vendors and black markets isn't gonna put us out of business. You'll probably never hear about us anyways considering you love building walls... That Great "Fire" Wall you built to block Google and control what your people are allowed to see was quite the feat... Touché China, Touché



We know we "shouldn't have done this", or "how could we have done that" and that you're the experts in all aspect of life. You know, one thing we learned long ago while building our business, is it's usually the smallest dogs that bark the loudest. While you sat in your mom's basement spouting off judgements behind a keyboard on a Friday night, we were having a great time. We were surrounded by our family, friends and supporters celebrating the fact that we were selected over 50,000 businesses to show millions of people on National TV the 7 years of hard work we've devoted to running our successful businesses. We encourage you to take all your infinite "wisdom" and judgements and direct it towards getting out there and building your own business or following a passion. You'd probably be really successful at it... Then again, you have a duty to let everyone on the internet know your correct opinions, really the internet is practically real life and everytime you yell "Mom!" she hustles you down a meatloaf and a Mountain Dew. Life is sweet!


Impromptu Business Consultants

While we appreciate your willingness to contact us about our business and "what we're doing wrong" we're far too busy actually running the business in which you feel so inclined to tell us how to operate. If you are involved in our industry or have experience in doing so, you are not part of this group, but few rarely are. If your idea is so "great" we welcome you to put in the sleepless nights, long weekends and drained bank accounts to make that happen. By all means. 

The World

You stay classy. For real though, this all really was an amazing experience thats motivated us even more and we wouldn't change a single thing about it. We're going to keep innovating and pushing until we can't push any more which clearly won't happen because, seriously, have you seen how friggin' strong we are!?... Back to the point, we're absolutely floored at the overwhelming flood of support from those who know us and even those who don't but see the vision and drive that we have to change the world of carry products. It's been a wild ride so far and it'll only get more interesting as we advance the Evolution of Carry.

Despite not making a deal in the Shark Tank, we've got some even bigger and better news about a partnership we've been working on well before Shark Tank aired. It will be a great opportunity for our brands and we're excited to be announcing it soon so stay tuned! In the meantime, we're off to San Francisco to cheer on our beloved Broncos in a little thing they call the Super Bowl.


Thanks again to everyone, even the trolls! Remember, as always, to keep your pants on!

Jeff & Casey