About the Joey T35 & T55:

Dashboard: The User Interface

  • Allows power to be integrated into the bag putting the power where you need it
  • Provides easy access to the plug in point, and easy LED visibility, even when the bag is full
  • Allows the battery portion to be located out of the user's way
  • Allows the battery portion to be made highly water resistant
  • Avoids the breaking of USB plug-in ports as happens to battery bricks used in bags
  • Allows the battery section to be made extra shock and crush resistant
  • Allows the computing power required to work with virtually any mobile device

Computing Power: In the dashboard

  • Auto senses charge demand - no buttons to push, nothing to accidentally switch off or on
  • Auto sense and adjust - to different brands and types of devices
  • Auto Pass-Thru™ - charge Joey unit and your phone at the same time
  • Auto High Speed charging - auto adjusts charge speed
  • Auto temperature sensing - helps protect your phone and the Joey unit
  • Auto Hibernate Mode™ - holds power for months, gradually adjusts to sleep mode
Electric Power:
  • 5.5 to 7 oz models - Light, compact and convenient - maintain your mobility and peace of mind
  • Doesn't require a special cable to charge, though charging with the Joey USB cable is fastest
  • Talk Time: adds up to 20 hours of talk time - an iPhone has 1,400 mA, the Joey has 3,500 mA
  • Most users most often 'sip' on power, grabbing 15-30 minutes as needed
  • Provides a power "bridge" - to get you through the day or through the weekend
About Joey Energy:
Joey Energy is the American brand that invented the Integrated Power Supply: the first power supply purpose-built for integration into bags. Joey engineers bring space satellite electronics experience to a line of beautiful, integrated power supplies to charge smartphones, tablets, e-readers, GPS units, MP3 players, many cameras including GoPro®, Bluetooth® devices, and much more.
Joey Power Supplies are:
  • A Computerized Power Supply - not a 'battery'
  • Not available at retail
  • TSA and FedEx (air freight) compliant
  • Warrantied by Joey Energy
  • Built in a socially compliant factory
  • Lead Free - Environmentally Compliant
  • Solves problems you didn't know you had: auto storage draw down, temperature sensing, etc.
  • Global power compatibility - charges and works everywhere